Friday, February 13, 2009

Tai Tan secondary forest nature reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tai Tan secondary River Nature Reserve, located in the south bank of thousands of stores with a total area of 47 square kilometers, is a group of petrified wood County Geopark kinds of eco-tourism area. Dense vegetation in the region, the forest coverage rate reached 95%, mainly in temperate broad-leaved forest, bush and so on 3 plant, 72 species; have to Some 20 wild herbs; a wide variety of animals, and Beijing Jin Qianbao protection, wild boar, wolves, such as the badger 19, magpies, sparrows, eagles, and other 30 kinds of birds. Tai Tan is the largest botanical gardens, it is valuable to the growth of wild medicinal herbs, rare is the wildlife park, you understand the nature of lively Tong.

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