Friday, February 13, 2009

Dong ditch caves - Chinese tourism scenic spots

County-ditch caves at the East Gate via Tel Zhang Shan Village in the northwest foothills of the sea Tuo, a narrow gravel granite Valley, so named because of caves. Shek Pik Valley on three sides, covered with row after row seat to the different round or square, or the size of the caves. Part of the cave has collapsed. Cutting inside the cave, there Shishi. More than 3 to 1 set Is the middle of the room, Zaofang right to left for the inter-storage. Kang room stone, stone pillow, stone windows, closet, Cornus, porosity, and so on, Yan Qian flow through a living room, seems to rain for Access to use the device. Zaofang without prior Guotai there, flue, a store located in Article stone table. In addition, there are Maquan Shishi, without prior manger, and each room can be raised 3-4 horses. Service center of a more spacious room, the same up and down two floors, cutting in front of a stone pillar, room 1.8 meters high and 6 meters deep, there Shitai square, which local people call "Tang Zi officer." Holes and holes between the cloth there are orderly arranged holes, according to preliminary statistics, there were holes ditch caves 117 caves, 350 Room. In addition, there are sea Tuo Shan Chaoyang Dong, Dong Jiao home, and so on a number of Lianhua Dong Grottoes, with the shapes of the holes trench structure more similar to the grotto. Yanqing for the north-west mountain caves, some people believe that when the Chinese Tang is one of the Xi ethnic minority in the north of living room. Wu Hu Xianbei people from the East, home early In western Liaoning Province, is a first Shooters, nomadic tribes living. In the rise of the Han, Sui, there was 5, in Tang Sheng, Liao, Jin, Yuan and the future does not appear in the annals of history.

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