Friday, February 13, 2009

Jinyun Mountain City site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jinyun County at the former site of the mountain city 15 kilometers north-east city. Jinyun County to the late Tang legacy. Million three-year extension of Mary Help of Christians (1316) or Jinyun County for the Long legacy Gyeongju, Yanqing County this city, Jin Sui Fei in the mountain city. Second, both inside and outside the city of the original city, with the city Department of brick, there are things 2, Simon Carpenter carved "a very arch" ?. Outside the city for the earth. At the end of the 50's, Simon and inside walls were removed and retained some of the existing remnants of Nancheng, 5-6 meters high. Yanqing one of the Eight "Dushan Yeyue" refers to here. Although it is only in the mountain city of red silk Nancheng the remaining vestiges, but the building still can be seen Tang, Yuan and the special Can understand that the prosperity of the Tang dynasty, the prosperity of the Yuan Dynasty, the general tourists, or experts in this regard, Jin came to the mountain city site will have its own harvest.

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