Friday, February 13, 2009

Jade Mountain Nature Reserve crossing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jade Mountain is located cross the upper reaches of Long Qingxia, sea Tuo foot of the mountains, the area is located in the mountains, inaccessible, beautiful scenery, quiet environment, it is a little-known in Beijing virgin land; preservation of nature is perfect, the most primitive green Memory. Shan Pui-yu of the United States, is that Hill, Shi Lin, Stephen, waterfall, flowers, grass should be a Wide, muddy and that such feelings TEANA, is clearly defined, quiet, quiet, wild in Shanqingshuixiu, mountains, water, forestry and the quiet valley with wonderful scenery. Fall season, every mountain is covered with stained-storied, colorful, as if a beautiful landscape painting volume, you are climbing tours Qiujing good place. Hill is a scenic cross-national State of protected areas, the territory of 580-1589 meters above sea level. The area is located in the mountains, inaccessible, high vegetation coverage (cross-Hill up to around 100%), the lush plant growth, and a large variety of natural botanical garden in the north. Wildlife is also very rich in resources, is listed as national key protected wild animals, 1 Species, as Beijing focused on the protection of wild animals of 14. Scenic spots throughout 100 square kilometers, the best spots on the 58 square kilometers, six hours a total of 56 scenic landscape, are: Gaoxiapinghu areas, cross-Hill area, a scenic Shifosi, sea and the main peak Tuo district, two-song Temple Areas, scenic Erlongshan. Scenic Spot Bagao, dense vegetation, with an average temperature lower than in urban areas 7-8 ?. Here are the Eighth Route Army-North Military Command site, visitors can cherish the memory of the war years wandering situation. Shan Pui-yu, also known as "Shan Yi Duo", however, is a high 20 m from the reactor Hill, 86O meters above sea level, the Peak formation, covered with irrigation Peak, however long and 20 meters, 7.8 meters wide, the conglomerate were rocks, mountain high, but is not very steep, such as flat out, a peak of the original temple, "Yu Huangmiao", is the temple has been destroyed , The only remaining wall of the base, the remnants of broken bricks. Yu Shan Pui around the green and luxuriant, is a green world. Excellent vegetation, the foot of the mountain stream is not Four Seasons Flow, Ice-free cold winter. The ancient Chinese pine is more prominent, the peak next to a site Sanmon Gusong stand, more than 20 meters high, nearly one meter in diameter, and Shannan cliff into a tree around the Gusong, lush green canopy, with the welcoming of a Song and Song see a visitor out. Yu Shan crossing the hillside opposite (of being the Mountain Gate, separated by 10 Meters) 3 are equidistant along the Gusong, stand straight, and he is called "Zhu Xiang." Two-Song Temple site was built in the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty rebuilding years, because of Cisi Qinglongshan the north, there are two hospital-song, named "Qinglongshan two-song Temple." Two-song sites across the Temple there is a steep pyramid-shaped mountain, majestic mountains, There are top of the upright stone cone, quite spectacular; two-song South Temple is a "teapot Mountain", in the summer, the valley in the mountains to the Yuan Wang, in the misty mist, the beautiful mountains of the South Posi; that more Wuli Village of cloves and ditch the white and transparent quartz crystal and its high value. There was also a lime Canyon, visitors can shun along the river valley and down to Long Qingxia. This valley about 10 km, the bottom narrow, steep mountains on both sides, around the peaks, peak cluster, Gu Feng, stone cone, Taiwan and the gentle slope on the ground, dense secondary forest, beautiful scenery very attractive.

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