Friday, February 13, 2009

Shi urban and rural scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stone located in the urban and rural areas north-east of Beijing, Miyun County, north-west, rural area of 248.5 square kilometers domain of the total, 19 administrative villages with a total population of 7094, is known "tourist town." Stone is located in the Beijing Municipal People's Government in urban and rural areas in the Northeast, the Miyun County in the northwest, as at the North River Valley Tung arrived in Miyun, Huairou and the junction of the West, Beijing Railway pass cut through the south-east, there are Shitang Township Road, convenient traffic. Rural domain with a total area of 248.5 square kilometers at an elevation of 1414 meters Yunmengshan Woyu seat in the territory, "Ninth Five-Year Plan" period, the township established Yunmengshan tourism development vision Zoned for the development of cooperation in investment and provide preferential policies and convenient, the township area of 243 hectares of arable land, 10,105 ha forest land, forest coverage rate reached 54.8 percent, grain sown area of 2190 mu, with the main crops of wheat, corn-based. Rural territory of the existing adult 1,100,000 fruit trees, trees Chestnut, walnut, pear-oriented, well-known chestnut Yanshan, Hebei Pear, the products have been exported to Japan and other places. Stone has been the development of urban and rural areas and Longtan,?????, 5 Floor, Forest Park, Yun Mengxia, Taoyuan Valley cents, Qingliang Gu, Bay 9, 8, and other wizard Valley area. In the development of tourism, Unique natural advantages.

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