Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gubeikou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gubeikou along the magnificent Great Wall, the magnificent, across the Chaohe above, under the three Watergate, is rarely seen in the construction of the Great Wall scenic spots. Gubeikou in Miyun County in the north, where the terrain Xian Yao, as an important transport hub since ancient times. Yan in the Spring and Autumn when Yanshan north of the Great Wall built before. Has been set up on behalf of Dong Jun, North Shou-mouth to catch the second, to the battlefield during the Five Dynasties, Song Dynasty envoy for the inevitable Liao, Jin Ling said turn on, you Fok 2002 (1214) Tiemenguan building, as the Yuan Dynasty Most of all the supremacy of the way. 11 Wu Ming-hong (1378) to build Gubeikou City, the business of the city. City perimeter more than 4 years East set up in the north, three south, this wall faintly visible.

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