Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mountain Scenic Area days - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mountain Scenic Area-day 140 km away from Beijing. Like a flat in the mountains on top of a beautiful picture, Yue-hung risk, exotic, quiet, cool in a, gives the United States enjoy. Mountain peak day of 1149 m altitude, from the above, the blue sky overhead, Baiyun hand, Heading towards a package of small hills. East Wuling considerable snow in June, South Vision may be shining pearl of North China, the West is expected to Dilou cloud rising in the north may see peaks miles north of the Great Wall. The magnificent ancient Great Wall winding in the east and west sides of the mountains above the mountains, where not only magnificent natural landscape, Tian Mei and, Gangrouxiangji, Xiangyingchengqu; hanging Valley and steep mountains, clouds play continuous criss-cross paths with the old peak, and the scenery beyond the Great Wall in Xiuse clearance, the contrast is so strong and so is the harmonious integration. It is this strange scene, this created a colorful world. The two-Road on the west side of the Great Wall from the floor will be extended to the east, encircled Weng Cheng. White birch forest in the city, such as Chung-yam, fragrant flowers, birds contend, is a rare natural park. "God deer stone", "Mandarin Stone," "stone monkey Blossom" and so on are thousands, lifelike. "Apprentice Feng", "Amitabha peak," "Planet of lying peak," such as Wu Li Wei Feng, strange rocks. "Building the clouds" "Lock floor, fog," and "House will be" high clouds, the magnificent. Platyphylla, larch tree-lined Blot out the Sun, making fun. King spit out all kinds of fragrant flowers. Yun Xiugu south of the area and hunting areas across the East Teleoperation Wuling Mountain and the right, Bai Ling Guan connection with the West, which are easily accessible, speedy communications, is Free holiday to the first choice. To this tour, the Czech Republic can climb foot, on horseback into the mountains also.

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