Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yun Mengxia Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yun Mengxia is located in scenic areas on the west side of Miyun Reservoir, 97 kilometers away from Beijing, Yunmengshan and surrounding national forest park, five-level forest park linked to the property market. Hung throughout the area to the northwest of twists and turns and dangerous - for the main canyon to the south-east, up and down a series of dozens of different characteristics of the scenic area. Here towering mountains out large, stone-feng -Like animal who may, if Jiao Jiao Hui Tan waterfall if the practice, ever-changing clouds dim, fragrant flowers and trees Sunny hundred miles, is based on mountains, gorges, Tam, forest and waterfall as the main body of the natural scenic landscape. Yun Mengxia is a deep gorge, the river's scenic corridor clearance. Visitors tour along the gorge, the impressive cliff on both sides of the Ren-hung, Wei Spurs clouds, rocks rocks, Cheongdam Fei Bao, Yamahana dense forest, in which monkeys Valley, three tone of the Pinnacle Lake area, waterfall, river and the lush flowers and trees constitute a natural forest park, and enjoy a cool, quiet joy, to become effective Beijing Tourism , Bishu science and education, tourism and the ideal place. Accommodation: Self-Yun Mengxia Scenic point of accommodation (69,050,121) traffic routes: from Dongzhimen long-distance by car to the Miyun, the Miyun Reservoir interchange of the West Line bus to the size of each water Baoziwan station that is to get off. Drive from Beijing Sanyuan Qiao under the road close to the Miyun, close along the River Road about 22 km to that. Tel: 69050121 fare: 16 yuan

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