Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yang made Ancestral Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang made Ancestral Hall located in the town of Miyun County, east Gubeikou Village, Song, Liao is the time when the Government and the people of North Korea to commemorate the industry's Yang built. Yang made the two Jinyuan La Ancestral Hall, before and after the two-storey hall covers an area of more than 600 square meters. Yang plastic hall before the men would be; laser Houdian Yang-British woman. Qiandian on both sides of the East and West And offers meditation hall. Liangbi things in the mountains outside the walls, writing about 1 meter high with 8 characters, "Wei customs border, magnificent." Yang Industry (also known as Yang Industry), the name of your weight, the famous Northern Song Dynasty. Lin-state (this Shaanxi Tree). Han was the Northern General. After the demise of the North Han, attributed to the Song Dynasty. Yang Song to the industry after the main fighting and Moving in the vicinity of Datong in Shanxi Province and Yan Men, Gubeikou in the region, although there are amendments to Yang Ancestral Hall, but he had never been to the region Gubeikou. Feng Yuxiang in Gubeikou, has been rebuilt, "Yang made Ancestral Hall."

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