Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yunmengshan National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yunmengshan National Forest Park located in Miyun County in the western suburbs of Beijing, 80 km away from Beijing. Gu Cheng Yunmengshan Yunmeng Mountain, the mountain territory of the grand drawing large, ancient Qi different scene around the Artesian Bore Baths Fei Bao, the ever-changing clouds, very beautiful natural scenery. Is the peak in the outskirts of Beijing, stone, tan, waterfall, Yun Lin to win in order to hung, insurance, , The show, quiet, open, that's an odd quiet throughout the Hill, after the visit of experts known as the "epitome of the Huangshan Mountain," in the world. There is a poem: "South Huangshan sky all day, north goes, Mongolia Lotus show, Huang Qi Jia Tianxia four, Yun-sheng A Beijing and Mongolia." "Yun Meng Linhai" more than the Huangshan. Yunmengshan who is in the suburbs of Beijing One of the dense forest in the park, lush vegetation, abundant wildlife, the forest coverage rate reached 91% or more. On a high mountain of water the United States, rapid streams, and strange old quarry area, such as "Takahashi Stone", "Sumon Tengu", "explore turtles fields," and "Remembering Old stone house" many rocks, in order to give the reverie. Falls to Lotus Petal The bovine heart Faso's largest waterfall, 30 meters wide, a waterfall Triassic, with a total drop of 86 meters, a magnificent view. There are also many large and deep tan, such as Lotus Lake, Bitan, ventured Tam, Tam spoon, and so on, with beautiful women. Yunmengshan peak as high as 1414 meters with a total area of 2208 hectares, mountain By volcanic rock composition, overlapping peaks, cliffs thousands of Ren, Lin Shen dense trees, towering old trees. The list goes on a variety of vegetation, the vast, "Yun Meng Linhai", the mountain is covered with flowers, "Walnut Jian", a bonus of Sihuo "azalea side slope," Mimicengceng "poplar Ping" and "Jinsong wall" on the majestic proudly Welcoming song, Top song, the song Wolong, Sword Song, Mandarin song, and so on, show the odd position, one must be called. Yunmengshan for a typical mountain climate, the average summer temperature of 20-24. Yunshanwuzhao the park, it is nice and cool, King has four seasons, so beautiful. The Other View of Three (Lin, the sea of clouds, flowers) to Beijing more Rarely seen. Here is not only tourism, the ideal summer holiday resort and a research study, an excellent training camp sites.

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