Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shitang Town Camp Road site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shitang Town Camp Road site is located in Miyun County, North River upper reaches of the south bank of the river valley, the Great Wall was a major pass and transport hub. Of course, is now obsolete and can not play the role of the year. Site 25 km away from the Miyun county, around the surrounding mountains. Perimeter of the city more than 2000 meters, a total of 4 home In the city center to build a drum tower 10 minutes, divided into East and West Yashu civil and military. Dan Bian outside the North: "Ling Tong"; Shibian outside the South: "Tong Road." Tong Road, was built in the early Shitang Fort Mill. Jiajingnianjian located next to Shek Tong Road, thistle for one of the four Zhen-Xi Society, 23 under the jurisdiction of the Walled Kwan, Chen Dong from Fort mouth, I even open the west Kwan, An extension of 125 km above, 95 Dilou responsible for the security and the deployment of troops. Tong Road in the city, 30 Ming Jiajing (1551) set up at the Senate. Secretary for the beginning of the Qing Dynasty stationed at all, 23 light (1840) to purchase a total of garrison, the city spent up to. Shitang road for the first insurance Miyun, is in the northwest frontier powerhouse, the City Wall Wai deployed close. 300 meters south of the hilltop building a hollow Dilou, 1.5 km south-west of the city's edge of the highway, north and south of two Castle Rock; in the western city and heavily guarded garrison of Fort riding a white horse, deerskin Guan; Shirakawa is north of the city. Tong Road traffic is ancient and more Scenic areas. Tong Road to the south near the Castle on the outskirts of Beijing is a town rich chestnut; Ling Tong's overcast cliffs, such as bird-shaped, formerly known as the "parrot cliff," The Greatest Places is a local. City and outside the camp more than a dozen of the original ancient temples, such as: Temple, the Temple, Kou Bai, Yao Wangmiao, saints shrine military installations as well as the military school grounds, Yanwu And so on.

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