Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ficus erecta waterfall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ficus erecta waterfall is located in Miyun County in the western Tetraena Tang Xiang, Yunmengshan northern foothills, 115 kilometers away from Beijing. It brings together Yunmengshan water, stone, waterfall, Tam Lin, and other natural scenery, especially the "three Diebao" the most well-known. Vegetation coverage here, there are more than 30 attractions, the permitted lying hidden Tan Sian, Bodhidharma face , Jian-ring water, mud-rock flows sites, Weigela Park, Qianchi cliff, and so on Ping Valley, stretching over 10 kilometers long. Tam-waterfall here, or linked to the water, only in the fall of 20 meters or more, there are as many as 8. Among them, in order to access cents waterfall, waterfall and Wang Jing-sen sen waterfall composed of the three-tier San Diequan the most well-known, with a total drop of 31 M, much higher than the Lushan "Sandie Quan," China is the highest known Diebao. Diepu three, only scared cents a waterfall that drops 115 meters, for most of northern China. Ficus erecta waterfall verdant trees, flowers vast expanse of open ground, with green all year round you have to Tanbianguanbao, the sound of roaring water, splashing water, so Relaxed and happy. The natural landscape to your heart's delight, in particular, Fei Bao down the momentum, there really is a sense of spiritual impact. Here, you have to understand not only the magic of nature, and nature and the true meaning of life by the same.

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