Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ten surface monument - Chinese tourism scenic spots

10 face of the new monument in Miyun County, east of the original eight northbound outside the temple floor wax, covers an area of 540 square meters, Cibei to focus on the protection of cultural relics in Miyun County. Eight of the Temple of wax sitting position north to south. Mountain Gate to be able to see the monument face a total of ten blocks, booths for structure, the separation of North and South sides of the Yonglu. 10 face of the original monument known as the Le Gong Yanshan monument, "the monument, about 5 meters high, top of the monument, Beishen, Beizuo Qingshi are carved on the block formed. Tenth surface of the monument was the first monument umbrella, there are at the top of a gourd-Maoding; Beishen nearly round -Shaped buildings, is divided into a lO plane, each side by 30 cm high, 50 cm wide on the polished Qingshi build from, there are vertical rock face carved inscription Beizuo slightly larger than Beishen. The whole monument From a distance, the overall shape as kiosks, buildings may look at the past. 10 monument engraved with the face of the Ming Dynasty general Qi, Tan Lun transferred to the northern garrison training, the military conquests of the story. Inscription from the first year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1573) Hyobu Suozhuan Kun Wang Shi Lang.

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