Saturday, February 14, 2009

Three scenic valley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Three scenic valley is located in Miyun county seat 15 kilometers of the West. Qi Xiushui here, mountains of the Great Wall, Ba-Shu culture and many other landscape has posed a variety of characteristics of the three customs valley. Three scenic valley by valley basin cattle, Yu Tong, white valley constitute a three-valley Road. The main cattle scenic valley basin water Qi Xiu-feng, Gao Ya hanging waterfall, Trickling stream, Jade, ancient Great Wall in the top of the hill Fuwo, constitute a beautiful landscape painting Vol. There are scenic 10,000 pigeon hole group ape-feng, lofty cliffs, the waterfall two-Tan, Tan Shou turtles, stone vessels left vacant, such as the Crypt. Tong-yu Lake, Lake, as a waterfall, step 40 acres of lake surface, in every other arch dam lake, the water gap between large The formation of artificial waterfall. It's connected with the Longtan unicum, such as You Long from 5 meters wide, 100-meter deep into the dam. White Road valley scenery of the Great Wall to the main peaks Jun Qiao, Gangnam-like stone forest, the main attractions are Walled Meng-liang, hang-dong, Shen Xiandong and so on. Shitang to the valley should take a look at the "Great Wall wrong" This is because the authentic work of the Ming Great Wall. Legend of the Great Wall this year should have been built in Shentang Yu, the results of the Governor Jian Tong is a common misconception that officials of the valley, so they left it half-wall. The Great Wall 200 meters in length, double-wall, is expected to Taiwan, perforation, Di Lou, not only with other connected to the Great Wall, standing alone, languishing Three scenic valley in the high country has the characteristics of the stone hut, peasant families can receive visitors room and board. The annual July to September, held here on vacation and leisure travel; October to November persimmon festival organized by the autumn. Accommodation: Accommodation Folk (61009260) Traffic routes: from Dongzhimen Miyun bound by the coach, half-way intersection at the village to get off the military, that is left to see road signs, driving from San Yuanqiao under way at the Beijing secret military Zhuang see road signs at the junction turn left . Tel: 61009260 fare: 15 yuan general vote, a vote of students Yuan

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