Saturday, February 14, 2009

Miyun Confucian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Miyun Confucian Temple is located in Miyun county Gulou East Main Street northbound, was built in 28 million Yuan (1291), in Miyun County is only a Hall of the Ming and Qing-style buildings. Confucian Temple covers an area of more than 4000 square meters, ride south. Miyun into the Confucian Temple, this shows the importance of being there before the door-decorated archway, Also at 3 door in the middle for the stars lattice door to the East glottal Kim, Yu Zhen as the West Gate. There are door manual cutting of the block, "Chi Pan," Ikegami has two parallel single small stone bridge (that is, in Miyun County, one of the eight "three-step two bridges"). Pan Chi things have their own rooms 3, Dong Xiang Ming Huan for the temple, Xi Xiang Xian for the temple. After Pan Ji is the door, the door Ji 3, "3" and another thing all a Jiaomen. The main building there, the Dacheng Hall 5, the two things the veranda 7. Dacheng Hall of the back yard there Minglun together by respect Court, the Department of Science, Chong Kai Temple and the Temple St., East Kuayuan have Wenchang Temple, West Temple Kuayuan a section of filial piety. In addition to the Dianwai Dacheng, and the remaining construction To dismantle. Dacheng Hall 10-meter-high with a total area of 181.48 square meters.

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