Saturday, February 14, 2009

Longquan Temple Qi Shi Bei - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qi Shi Bei Longquan Temple in Miyun county Department, 2.5 km north-east. Qi Jiguang (1512-1587), Ming Dynasty is a well-known patriotic general, when Frontier Shixia stationed in Miyun. Wanli three years (1575), in his tour of the Longtan Miyun, it was given a tour of the Longtan Qilu, Kebei Longquan left temple. Qi Kang Wo is famous, when he is to defend the land of China for decades of peace, but also makes people live and work along the coast. Qi from the Wal-Mart also spread far and wide, and his exploits are written into the history, and eternal. China's generation will forever inspire us to anti-foreign, security death Of the motherland.

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