Saturday, February 14, 2009

Not the old Lake Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Not the old Lake Scenic Area 130 km away from Beijing. Yun Xiugu east of the international hunting grounds, and South Longtanhe white risers across West and with the Longtan close to the north of the Great Wall, Simatai, Jinshanling. Here to stay away from downtown, elegant environment, mountain around the water, the water reflected on the Hill, Shuitianyise, pleasant scenery, tourism, vacation A good place. Not the old natural lake in the natural scenic views, there are characteristics Sanjue, said Yan is a fugue of the North, North China is not a unique stone baths health care, all by the pool drinking Mai on Shipu. Bath here, physical fitness, to prevent and cure diseases; II is not the Natural flavor snack food and customs; Sanjue ancient stone valley million Linhai Song Tao, the walk is Dangqihuichang, wow hands. Not to the old lake tourism, both in the lake fishing, boating, bathing or swimming, bathing and tourist resorts will be here Huguangshanse intoxicated. Accommodation: Old Villa (69,030,356) traffic routes: Dongzhimen bus to Miyun, the ride is not bound Tuen old car and a half to get off Chengzi, Jiezhan Pakistan. Tel: 69030360,69030359,69 30358,69030357,69030356

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