Saturday, February 14, 2009

Buddha Cloud ski - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? Resort is located in Foshan cloud. As the year has just opened here, so some of the equipment is still not perfect. Restaurants and services relatively spacious hall. Part of the project is still under construction. ?? ?? Xingzhi tips: ?? ?? 1, traffic: Dongzhimen bus station by car line Miyun Reservoir, Foshan cloud Resort Station of Miyun Reservoir, or stop to that; by 8 Miyun Road Link directly to cars. Since the drive from the Miyun County, 14 km north of the West Bridge, see road signs to the right (East) 3 km to that. On the road at the edge of the door, very conspicuous, looking good. ?? ?? 2, the cost of tickets: 20 Skiing: Mon-Fri 50 /hour /person, holidays, 70 yuan /hour /person, if built with snow, snow by 6 discounts rental service: 30 /dog sets: 20 /motorized snow ring : 8 /Ski-minute circle: 50 /Hours /000 cable car: 20 /snow sculpture at: 20 yuan /sets /wardrobe more times: 10 yuan /a snowman, Wanxue: 20 yuan /person Parking fee: 5 /000 coach: 5 below 150 yuan /Hours

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