Saturday, February 14, 2009

Beijing Ancient Observatory - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ancient Observatory, the observatory also known as the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Beijing Dongcheng District, located in the Jianguomen overpass in the southwest corner. Ming Zhengtong 2007 (144), the use of Yuan Dadu city of the southeast corner of the former site of the floor, converted. It is a display of ancient Chinese astronomy of ancient astronomical instruments, as well as natural science museum site feature category, 1956 Opening ceremony. Observatory is a brick high-profile construction. Copper displayed on the stage of large-scale astronomical instrument, the audience has Lagerstroemia Temple, Lou Hu room, sundial, and other ancillary church buildings. Ming and Qing dynasties astronomical observations, both as a center. In the Ming Dynasty display a celestial globe on the stage, Jane and the celestial globe-yee-yee, Taiwan There Guibiao Lou Hu and furnishings. The early Qing Dynasty, as a result of the use Cephas another cast of the new instrument, apparatus will be on the stage in the Ming Dynasty moved the audience. On the eve of the Sino-Japanese War, the Ming Dynasty astronomical instruments have been moved to Nanjing Zi Jingshan Observatory. Qing Emperor Kangxi for eight years to 12 years (166 - 1673), the West used scientific and astronomical results, creating a celestial instrument Theodolite the equator, the ecliptic theodolite, nimodipine, as Miriam, and Miriam quadrant of limited instrument, such as 6 devices installed in the observatory. 1965 Emperor Kangxi (1715), the platform also installed a large-scale astronomical instruments - theodolite horizon. Nine years of Qianlong (1744), began to design and Daniel Fu-Chen Heng-made device, made of ten years, and installed in the observatory. It is used to improve Cephas a celestial globe, but also China's ancient history, the last major piece Copper astronomical instruments. A total of eight major instrument in the Qing Dynasty are on display at the observatory. Beijing Ancient Observatory, is a well-known astronomical One of the monuments, is the ancient Chinese astronomy glorious achievements of the witness. Since the observatory has a long history, self-contained equipment, building a complete, internationally renowned. Cephas because of the early Qing Dynasty adopted the manufacture and use of astronomical instruments, the history of exchanges between Chinese and Western cultures in Taiwan, also has its own unique position and contribution. Ancient Observatory is the ancient Chinese civilization in the history of an immortal monument, where our ancestors for the great contribution to astronomy records, we are industrious and courageous people of the wisdom and labor can be reflected. Remains of those on the stage and down the astronomical instruments contain a number of mysteries and knowledge, together with the number of bitter and Shibuya, only to experience in person.

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