Sunday, February 15, 2009

North warehouse - Chinese tourism scenic spots

North warehouse in Dongcheng District, North alley a warehouse on the 16th. For the Ming and Qing dynasties granary. Yuan Dynasty, the Dongzhimen area of the river for the next medium-term, the Water Transport of Grain still in the warehouse has set up a sea, north grain storage keep the channels. Therefore, the south gate for shipping warehouse, the warehouse north to the north gate, the structure was "day" shaped. Ming Officer in the early balance of payments positions have strict system of land, put food containers are also strict rules. Beijing Ming Dynasty official position, with the exception of the expenses for the Government, will also be part of the food-for Relief and Tiao. Eight-Power Allied Forces in 1900 in Beijing, taking the granary. Ming and Qing dynasties official end of the history of grain storage. North of the warehouse to warehouse brick, every five granary, warehouse Miankuo 23.6 meters, 17 meters into the deep. A granary stores beginning of the Qing Dynasty 49, 32 years of Emperor Kangxi (1693) to 85. 7 granary of the existing warehouse for cultural relics protection in Beijing.

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