Sunday, February 15, 2009

King and Princess House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

King and Princess House in the Dongcheng District 7, Zhang Zizhong Road (formerly Iron Lion alley). Qing Emperor Qianlong is the third F-King-lun and marry the princess after the first grant, the Republic of China after the Northern Warlords government became the seat of the Department of the Army, and now the King House Hotel. King and Princess Margaret (1731-1792) is pure Xiao-xian imperial Born. Qianlong married 12 years Mongolia Horqin Department of color cloth Fuguo Gong Teng Chu Channel Seoul. House is the establishment of the original Palace, the main entrance, main hall, post-sleep, after the House and offers things such as the construction of the subsidiary. The middle of the main hall are well-preserved, in order to focus on the protection of cultural relics in Beijing.

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