Sunday, February 15, 2009

East Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wangfujing Catholic Church, also known as the East. Wangfujing Street, at No. 74, Beijing is one of the four Catholic Church. Dongcheng District, which is focused on the protection of cultural relics. East Hall by security and Lee Evans thought categories (nationality unknown) the creation of two priests. The late Ming, the two missionary work in Sichuan. Krupp and early Qing Qing was to Beijing, Su When the House poor Junji 12 (1655), Fulin generation to give them a house and a piece of open space (now the site), that is, they are in open space on a church building, that is, the second city of Beijing church (the first for the South Hall ), Which is the first East Hall. East Hall in 12 years Jiaqing (1 2007) after the repeal of the fire. In 1884, the Rome-style reconstruction of the lobby, the Boxer Rebellion in China was burned. In 1904, "Boxer Indemnity" reconstruction (France and Ireland, jointly built between the two countries), which is now known as East Hall. East Hall hospital in the middle for the Church, sitting East west, Miankuo 2 Meters, a total of about 30, is located at the base Qingshi, the Legislative Cross Tong top 3 in the middle, on both sides of the small. There are 18 halls round brick columns supporting a diameter of 65 cm, Zhu Chu as a square, the Passion of Jesus hung on both sides of the halls, and so on a number of oil paintings. Original hospital benefits for the North Hall girls I; Hall South, the West there are classrooms, a hospital East, Huachi a cottage, house, residence for priests. East Hall is a large open space, the school playground. Near an area of 10,000 square meters. East halls have been preserved are a number of icon painting Gongtinghuashi Giuseppe Castiglione,

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