Sunday, February 15, 2009

Prince Chun House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Prince Chun House is located on the west side of the road Dongjiaominxiang justice. Chun Yun-woo of Wales, the seventh son of Emperor Kang Xi Qing, 1959 Emperor Kangxi (1709) Jin-sun called Prince, in the first year of Yongzheng (1723) and then sealed Jin-sun of Wales. This is the House after the completion of the Prince closures. 10-year Xianfeng (1860), the Palace became a British embassy Street, site of the original Yu He faced the door, the layout of the building is divided into 3 Road, Palace Road is a green-glazed tile roof construction, before Gongmen 5, Hall 5, after the offers are for the courtyard and, finally, during occupier of the British Embassy British-built buildings. Road construction has not kept the original, built like ancient Chinese style Of a building. West Garden of origin, just keep into the courtyard and a built-British Tian-building. In 1949 after the British representative office use. Dongcheng District is focused on the protection of cultural relics.

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