Sunday, February 15, 2009

Former Residence of Lao She - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lao She's old "Dan persimmon small house" in the Xicheng District Yang small alley on the 8th (of the original small alley sheep pen 5). Lao She was born in a small alley on the 8th Yang Bei Fang 3 of a head of the Middle East. East-West yard long, narrow the North-South, the status quo remained. Lao She's "four generations" in the novel has a description of this alley. Lao She (1899-1966), formerly known as Shu Qingchun, home to the word, Beijing. Well-known modern writer, a former primary school, secondary school teachers, university professors. Anti-Japanese War, presided over the All-China Association for the work of literary and art circles to resist the enemy, in order to unite the broad masses of writers and artists to participate in the anti-Japanese propaganda to make a positive tribute . After the liberation, he served as vice chairman of the Zhongguowenlian, vice chairman of the China Writers Association, President of the Beijing Shi Wenlian, and other functions. In December 1951 by the Beijing Municipal People's Government awarded the "People's Artist". Lao She created a life many of the well-known literary works such as "four generations", "Rickshaw Boy," " Hall, "" Long Xugou. " "Dan persimmon small house" in 1950 after the acquisition of Lao She returned to the United States, which Beijing is a small old house, a small door and sit east of the West, the door to a small hospital, only two south rooms. West is a San Heyuan, which is the former residence of the main parts: things have Between the rooms, are turned into galleries, from the first novel "Linger" at the end of an unfinished autobiographical novel "is under the red flag," Mr. Lao She's all different versions of the work during the Celebration of the Arts In the meantime, the reproduction of the life of Mr. Creative achievements. 3 Beifang, all around a penthouse, the status quo for now on display, showing the President In the original appearance of life. Next meeting between the West and for the living room, in this small living room, had gathered a lot of celebrity culture, Premier Zhou also be a guest here three times, on the west side of sitting on the sofa, a cordial conversation with the President. Eastern time for the bedroom. West penthouse is the study of Lao She's studio, library and a small plain, hardwood Marble desk has also placed a few pieces of Lao She loved playing with the text: a Qi as he carved the seal, a gift by General Feng Yuxiang his jade Yin Ni-box, one in the Qing Dynasty, "Weng Li Yan Li Yu calligraphy and painting." In this small house, from 1950 to 1966 of 16 years, Lao She wrote the "dragon , "" Tea House "and a large number of folk art, essays, articles, poetry, prose. Lao She's favorite plant flowers, writing tired, it flowers in the hospital, the hospital in persimmon trees planted his own hands, a pair of green leaves Zhuimanhongshi, do not have a poetic, therefore, named after a small hospital. This Lao She Memorial Hall is, and that is born in Beijing, Chang in Beijing, wrote a life of Lao She's Beijing home.

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