Sunday, February 15, 2009

China Table - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Marble pillar, also known as "slander wood", according to legend began in the times Yao and Shun. This first "wood slander" in the erection of traffic for people to write words advice, comments on current political affairs, but also be able to play the role of road signs, the Han Dynasty when China said before the table. After more than a bridge in the palace, before the tomb wall or as a logo, and gradually evolved into the building next to the Jewelry. In the legislation before the tomb of the "tomb", for most of the stone columns are carved ornamentation such as a Broom, goes to the top plate is a squat or animal, the animal squatting on the table "to look on Hou." Inside and outside Tiananmen Square, Ming Tombs, Peking University, all have marble pillar legislation.

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