Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ditan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ditan Park is located on the eastern side of the street outside the Andingmen in Beijing, according to Lama Temple and the Second Ring northern neighbor across the river. Built in 1990 in Beijing Wax Museum intrauterine Lent. When built, Tan Bi You care outside the altar 1476 acres, the altar with a total area of 640 acres within. Beijing is now a cultural unit. Ditan Park covers an area of 37.4 hectares in the volume of visitors Wuliubaiwan passengers, is a long history with a solemn silence, the famous royal gardens Tan Miao. The predecessor of the Ditan Park, also known as Fangze altar. Ming Jiajing behalf of the nine-year, that the year 1530, is the Ming and Qing Emperor Jide two places, but also China's largest Is the only existing Jide's altar. Tan Tan to the existing Fangze, only Royal Room, Zaisheng Pavilion, Palace fasting, God, and other library buildings. Simon tall and magnificent arches, is based on the Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty when it was built to re-design of the building, the construction scale of Beijing's most decorated archway. The green sulfur W face, in order to draw a single map Feng, Sheung Fung plans and peony patterns, the center has a positive word to the altar, on the back of the core there is wide Houjie words, is the Ditan Park, one of the main attractions. Tan also said al Fangze Taiwan, is the emperor worship, "King only to God," the main construction, footprint for the 17,689-ping M, is divided into two layers from top to bottom, this spacious Jide's grand altar, not only in China but also in the world is second to none. Ditan of the building reflects the ancient Chinese art of architecture of the essence, dignified, magnificent, unique. As a whole to comply with all local ancient China, "Tianyuandefang "Azure and yellow," "far apart", "Dragon and Phoenix" and "the course of events," such as the traditional concept of legend and a symbol of design thinking enough in recent years, the new Rose Garden, Garden, set-landscape garden, and other new attractions. Master of arts from the Liu Haisu know who wrote the Rose Garden is a show and watch, tours, popular science in one of the Rose Garden There are seasonal, more than 300 unique species of elegant fountain in the Garden, the stone arch bridge, Ting Lang, Shuixie phase, set-garden is unique in the Garden Park. In addition, the city golf course, children's play area, the stadium doors, and so on dozens of projects for pleasure.

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