Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gong Yuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gong Yuan is the original test will be the examination room, that is, get people to open branches. Juren to various parts of the exam-oriented, as if from famous tribute to the emperor, named Gong Yuan. Gong Yuan established the Tang Dynasty began. Ming and Qing dynasties Gongyuan Jianguomen today at the former site of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in the area, this Gongyuan Street, West Gong Yuan, Gong Yuan , Gong Yuan 2, 3 and so on Gong Yuan. Test will be held every three years, usually in March, called "Spring door to women's room." Will test a total of three test, each test 3 days. Participants to obtain the auspices of the emperor's Palace, the Palace of the examination into it, the top three is the champion, Bang Yan, and third overall. Around the Examination to be held in August, called "Autumn door to women's room . Examination Shuntian Fu, also the examination room. Guangxu in the early years up to the test of more than 15,000. Gong Yuan Ming Yongle 13 years (1415), formerly the site of the Yuan Dynasty Yamen Li Bu, sitting south, the door pillar 5. There are five inside 2 Ying, Lung, Lau Ming-yuan, addressed to the court, in Long , Jukui together by the Council Hall, housing, etc. 18. Mingyuan front of a Ming Dynasty set the tree line, said Wen-huai. Sanshiyinian Guangxu (1905) to stop imperial examination. Republic of China, Gong Yuan gradually to the location of residential areas.

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