Sunday, February 15, 2009

International Trade Building - Chinese tourism scenic spots

International Trade Building - Henderson Center at Tiananmen Square, Dongcheng District Office. Tiananmen Square on a par after another high-rise buildings, large clouds of International Trade Building people, see the dawn of the garment center, Air China into the blue sky of Technology & Trade Center, as if all the hospitality of Beijing, to welcome guests into the capital's eight points of the compass. As we all know, China's first "open door" foreigners have been bombarded with large open, "Nanjing Treaty" signed, so that the Chinese customs administration and tariff falling into the hands of full autonomy in the hands of foreigners. When China opened the door again, the clock of history has a point in 1978 Today, a short span of 20 years, the non-than celecoxib, friends from afar joy. Foreign entrepreneurs to the capital to technology, high-rise buildings came into being. Foreign apartment, COFCO Plaza, Henderson Center, Chang'an Building, Avenue limitless, landscape eyeful.

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