Sunday, February 15, 2009

Duan Government Executive site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Duan executive at the former site of the Government of Zhang Zizhong Road, Dongcheng District 3, formerly known as Iron Lion alley. Here are three of the Qing Dynasty mansion: East and for the House of Wales, for Beilefeisu House, and respect for the West Princess House. Wales and the House is the predecessor of the Tang Pui-Yun mansion. 11 Yongzheng (1733) Sejong five-hong House and into Wales. Beilefeisu House, is the beginning of the Qing Dynasty Prince Gong's mansion Ying Chang. End of the Qing dynasty, the two governments, the whole building was dismantled and re-construction of the three groups of brick buildings: the main building in the middle of the European Greco-Huizhuan floor, East, West, North have a building. Ren Yuan in 1912 President of the Provisional Republic of China, and the State Council in the Presidential Palace here; in 1919, Jinyun Peng Ren Prime Minister and Minister of State for the army chief to replace the prime minister's office; Duan in 1924 was elected to the Northern Warlords in the provisional ruling of the Republic of China, read here Government Executive. April 10, 1926, the Beijing government have taken place . In Beijing, the national army generals Lu Zhonglin surrounded the implementation of the provisional government, fled Duan; the fall of the Government Executive, to take over from General Feng Yuxiang. Wang permanent garrison commander when Beijing. Beijing Garrison Command also changed. Here in 1937 before the army changed to 29 in Beijing Military Commission and Chief Jicha. 1937 Ning meeting here to become Village in North China, Japan, led by Zhu Tunjun general headquarters, while Eastern Hospital is headed by Japan Kita secret services koa hospital. Eleven changed in 1945 after the Executive Command theater of the KMT and Beijing Garrison Command. Renmin University of China in 1949 for school. The main building in 1978 by the Qing study ??. Duan enforcement of the original and that the Government of Wales House, the fifth son of Emperor Yongzheng Hong Zhou Qing Feng and Prince's residence. In later changed the location of the Northern Government Department of the Navy. In 1924 straight from the end of the war changed Duan government enforcement. March 18, 1926, Beijing 500 people from all walks of life People in the Communist Party of China and Li Dazhao and others under the leadership of the Japanese imperialists against the infringement upon China's sovereignty bandit act, in front of the Tiananmen protests will end after the team went to Duan they petition the Government. Duan command of the party Guard opened fire, resulting in the death of 47 people and injuring more than 150 people in the bloody tragedy. National Institute of Beijing Students and teacher Liu Zhen, Yang in the group at the expense of tragedy. To commemorate the martyrdom of the martyrs and carry forward the patriotic tradition, the Beijing Municipal People's Government Executive Duan will be the "March 18" tragedy took place in Beijing as a key cultural unit, Dongcheng District, as its youth education in patriotism Manner.

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