Thursday, February 12, 2009

Changxindian tutorial school site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changxindian workers working in the former site of the tutorial schools in Fengtai district Xindian Zhen. It is a simple little house. School site has 3 main building, the North-South 2, built by the early years of the Republic. Beijing in September 1920 after the founding of the communist group, the Organization for the labor movement, such as Deng in the summer of in-depth Changxindian Road factory workers to launch the struggle. Jan 1, 1921 workers working in the establishment of tutorial schools, the spread of communist ideology in order to awaken the public workers to the capitalists and the struggle against the reactionary rulers. Here created a large number of outstanding backbone of the labor movement, Shi Wenbin is one of the most outstanding. 197 In renovation work, the recovery room and exhibition display.

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