Friday, February 20, 2009

Fan Memorial Institute of Biology site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fan Memorial Institute of Biology at the former site of the Jin-Wen Street, Xicheng District, Beijing Library on the west side of the main building. Fan Memorial Institute of Biology in 1932, with the aim of the life of Fan Jing. Fan Jing-sheng (1874-1927), Xiang Yin County of Hunan Province. In the then Minister of Education, Zhonghuashuju chief editor of the Beijing division University. Fan keen to biology during his lifetime. Fan Xudong donations after the death of his brother in April 1928 by the founder. Fan Jing-sheng to the beginning of my home (Prince Consort Ma Shi Xicheng District, 83 Main Street, this new culture, Street 86) for the site. After the text in Zimbabwe on the 3rd Street building 3-story building for the new site, completed in 1931. Prince Consort Ma Street to the former site of the museum as popular. Law Chi zoologists, botanists have Hu Xianxiao director. The survey mainly through on-site investigations and collecting specimens for taxonomic study.

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