Friday, February 20, 2009

Lung Cheung Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lung Cheung Temple in the North West four of the three alleys 3. Wanli next 45 years (1617) built by the Chinese plant was outside the plant. 21 Qing Emperor Qianlong (1756) rehabilitation. Temple sit south. Central axis followed by a Mountain Gate, the amount of Shihmen a letter to "St. Jo Chang-Lung Temple." Hall of Heavenly Kings 3, the visual ; Big Qian Fodian 3; Houdian 5 and the side hall in a palace and Sengfang. King worship hall and four kings Weituo; Qian Fodian dedicated to the three major disabilities, Ocean's 18, 24 and five Buddhist heavens; Houdian dedicated to Guanyin, the Dharma and Qianshouqianyan Guanyin. In addition to the five bronze Buddha which moved to the Fayuan Si, have no deposit. Security for the Xicheng District Cultural relics.

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