Friday, February 20, 2009

Prince End House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Prince client safe Xicheng District office is located in West Main Street northbound, Chinese children's activity center is located. Prince first here are sincere and results of the House Government of Wales tied for things. Prince Cheng-ching as the third son of St being allowed, the fruit of Wales for the 17th St Qing-yun ceremony. Sincere thanks to Yongzhengnianjian House of Wales Prince Shen Yun-hee Prince Shen-ching for the twenty-first St son of the heir Yong Feng Rong quality of Wales, and for the quality Palace. Guang Xu, Pu Zhen Guogong surviving descendants of age. House and its possible side Palace burned at the same time. Fruit of Wales House, Jiaqing in the years thanks to Swiss Wales cotton for Di Xin, its people. Sun Zai Yi Duan Wang Feng, Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded when the House was burned, House Later renamed the Beijing Normal School, Beijing Technical School, Beijing University Institute of Technology and later changed. Beijing 77 secondary schools this school is the Palace, Ma. Client Wangfu in the northeast corner of the earth in the mountains to build a "monument to the martyrs on March 18 tragedy," a, the property a triangular column, 2.85 meters high.

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