Friday, February 20, 2009

Liqin Wang House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liqin Wang Xicheng District Office at West Street on the west side of Imperial root, that is, soybean paste Square East northbound alley. Nurhachu the second son of the Qing Dynasty, the eight founding and early Qing iron hat Wang generation of good government. Good first year on behalf of the Zonta (1636) for the closures and Liqin Wang Shuo. Junji 16 (1659) on behalf of good Grand Liqin Wang Shu-hit, changed for the title of Wales, Culture and Sport. House-site here is the book after Xifeng choose the new site, also known as the Palace, Culture and Sport. 43 Qianlong (1778) to restore the title ceremony, Wang, known as the Palace ceremony. 12 Jiaqing (1807) destroyed in the fire, in-situ redevelopment. The main palace Building, before and after two hours. The front of the main entrance there (Gong Men), the main hall and its wing on both sides of the floor, and its hatchback Houdian side hall in a palace. Since into the rear of the yard, before the inside door (b Gongmen), the former Hall, after the Church and its vicinity hatchback, for the final after the floor cover. Beijing to focus on the protection of cultural relics.

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