Friday, February 20, 2009

Hu Guosi Hall of King Kong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hu Guosi King Kong City Hall in West Street, Hu Guosi 11. Temple was founded in the Yuan Dynasty, was the prime minister million Tuoketuo Guzhai, at the beginning of Chongguo Temple (North Temple). Xuande next four years (1429) renamed Dalong good Temple, integrated next eight years (1472) Ciming Dalong Hu Guosi good. Qing Emperor Kangxi 1972 1722) Mongolia Wang Baylor Cisi repair, St wish to determine, Hu Guosi 000, also known as the Temple of the West, East and Long Fusi Temple echoes. Temple sit south. Central axis followed by the Mountain Gate, Shek Mun amount of the book "Lung Hu Guosi good." Hall of King Kong for the second Temple; the third floor for the Hall of Heavenly Kings Hall; fourth Middle Temple Hall for the Life Extension. East side hall in a palace hall said Monju, said the secret of the West side hall in a palace hall; fifth Dian Dian Phu Tho, Dong said, Garan for the side hall in a palace hall, said the West side hall in a palace hall immeasurable; the sixth floor for the Qianfo Dian Dian, the Hall of Great Mercy said the East side hall in a palace in the west side hall in a palace Hall said in possession; Chuihua door to the seventh floor hall is the Hall of law; the eighth floor hall for the Hall of homework; the ninth floor After the floor Buddha Temple. King Kong only this northwest corner of Temple and the Temple of Langfang, as well as a door Chui Hua Temple. Multi-temple had kept the original stone. Chu Qi in the past month, Chuba, Temple City, Hu Guosi there. Hu Guosi Hall of King Kong as a Beijing cultural relics protection.

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