Friday, February 20, 2009

Great Hall of high-Hyun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Large high-Hyun City Hall in West Street, three doors 23. Ming Jiajing 21 (1542) to build, is the Ming and Qing dynasties of the Royal View Road. There are many generations repair. Hall sat south. An area of about 13,000 square meters, into a north-south rectangle, has two positive green glass structure Fangmu voucher-3 hole , The door to cross-Office of the big high-Xuanmen. High-Hyun big flagpole in front of the original (now only stone block), 10 minutes after the Drum Tower. In the main hall of large high-Hyun Temple, 7 Miankuo, Zhong Yan Huang Tong Wa glass veranda Dianding, before the platform, the side hall in a palace at around 5; Houdian 000 million for nine days should be mine altar, Miankuo 5, on both sides of the side hall in a palace 9 Between. Yuan Qiang of the existing main building since the opening of the door 3, Shilan to care. There are large high-Xuan Men, 10 minutes Drum Tower, East and West side hall in a palace, the high-Hyun Hall, nine million should be mine altar, Hall veranda. Finally, a symbol of the two-story pavilion Tianyuandifang Qianyuan Court, round tip to save the roof, covered with blue glazed tile, a symbol of days; for "Zhen-kun ", A square, covered with yellow glazed tile, and a symbol.

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