Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Former residence of Cheng Yanqiu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cheng Yanqiu former residence in the North West four of the three 39. Cheng Yanqiu (1904-1958), Manchu, Peking Opera, "the four Mingdan". 11-year-old stage, the Tsing Yi, hit the "send-way." Initially by the name of art according to Cheng Ju, after the Cheng Yanqiu, the word Yu Shuang, Cheng Yanqiu changed to the last, the word Royal cream. Japan Period, farmers live in seclusion in the suburbs of Beijing Tsing Lung Bridge. In 1949, served as vice president of the Chinese Opera Research Institute. House to take a two-Jinyuan La south, an area of about 390 square meters. Cheng Yanqiu from 1937 until his death this Yu. Beifangwaiwu backyard of the two is the study and practice of Fang, the self-proclaimed "Royal Cream small house connected to large study." Royal is the cream of the Lotus flower alias, also known as the cream resist. Li Wu for the bedroom. House to maintain the original structure to build, maintain the status quo within the basic furnishings. Beijing to focus on the protection of cultural relics.

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