Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stephen Prince House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stephen Prince House is located in Dongcheng District, just on the eastern side of the road. Junji years to build, the passage of history are as Wang Di, 27 years Guangxu (1901) reduced to a Japanese embassy, just keep Yuanqiang. To the Beijing Municipal Government is now. Stephen Haug of Wales, the eldest son of Huang Qing Dynasty, the first year of King Zonta (163 ), Feng Gong Jin Su of Wales, is the founding and early Qing Wang one of the eight major iron hat, as a result of King's death, and had Duo Ergun for the throne, when Duo Ergun got the upper hand after much persecution, Junji five-year (1648) Haug will cut Grand imprisoned, killed in prison, the emperor of the T'ung Junji, Su Fu Wang Jue, up posthumous title of "wu." Since then, Haug Sun are significantly Xifeng Wales, to 43 Qianlong (1778) Su-Prince to restore the hereditary titles.

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