Wednesday, February 18, 2009

China Art Gallery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China Art Gallery is located at 54 Main Street, Dongcheng District, is a national museum, in June 1963 the official opening to the outside world. China Art Gallery is the tenth anniversary of the founding of the top 10 at the time of building one of the nation is rich in style, is a unique style of classical architecture. In the middle for the four classical Court -Glass roof, surrounded by single-top canopy decorated with glass, there things corridors through the main entrance of the Office of angle, the inside of the bamboo shade, flowers and grass outside. The total construction area of 17,000 square meters, has 13 exhibition halls. Tall and to the attic on both sides of the Ping Shen beige walls in the corridors of the beautiful, elegant appears to be simple, Said a forthright attitude. It is organized art exhibitions and cultural exchanges, often display a large number of outstanding Chinese and foreign works, on display at the same time our country from "54" since the outstanding works of our artists also held personal exhibition. Museum-wide total of 14 galleries, the exhibition area of more than 6000 square meters. China Art Gallery organized every year a large number of large-scale art exhibitions, such as the understanding of the "National Art Exhibition," "Mr. Xu Beihong Centenary of the birth of Show". In addition, introducing old-, medium-green of the outstanding artists exhibition. To strengthen international cultural exchange, often organized by outstanding foreign works of art exhibition "Picasso painting of the original", "Rodin exhibition." As the former head of Mr. Liu Kaiqu said, China is China's Modern Art Museum of outstanding works of the end-result is a masterpiece of a window display which is China's best artists to display their talent and skills to exchange places. At the same time, actively opened here Academic activities at home and abroad and art exchanges, so as to promote the fruitful outcome of the art of the development of human civilization and progress.

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