Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shun Tianfu hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shun Tianfu hall in the Dongcheng District Public East 45 Street. Ming and Qing dynasties Shuntian Fu Department lobby. Shun Tianfu in charge of the local province, where there are owned Daxing County, Beijing Wanping County, and nearly 22 counties. Shun Tianfu lobby of the original three-door, in the second, three-door, the West has Baogong Ci, prison Temple, prisons, the Office of the Secretary General, according to the Office and the Office de Escrow Comercial; five East shrine, waiting quality, food halls, temples and the East Branch officials, criminal families, salt room, workshop and so on the premises. The third door is a courtyard inside the hall, 26 meters from east to west and 14 meters deep into the North and the South, where inmates are arraigned. Qing Dynasty, which together amounted to "root out the territory around the capital's" There are instructions of Emperor Yongzheng. Under the old system, with government offices Sanpin Seal, Shun Tianfu only silver and India.

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