Wednesday, February 18, 2009

South Park Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South Park Museum is located in Dongzhimen, where the Ming Dynasty is a Tongchang. 1956 approval of the Urban Planning Bureau here for the green space, according to local residents named commonly known as South Park Museum. South Park Museum and the Russian Embassy relatively North, West and the famous temple adjacent to the teaching-East and North Street phase in the south West tube sheep alley. The whole area of 2.62 ha park, built in 1956 then, on October 1, 1992 is open to the environment is a beautiful, pleasant scenery of the modern garden. South Hall Park to the overall distribution of natural-based, multi-use of landscape plants the way. There is Hosta Garden Areas, scenic plane Wisteria, Liu Jiaoting a number of scenic spots, such as refined and elegant landscape. And to meet the needs of visitors opened up a children's playground, open-air dance hall, an adult fitness area, such as Bo colorful entertainment projects, in order to meet the needs of different age groups of visitors to rest, recreation, fitness, to visit.

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