Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ouyang Yuqian House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ouyang Yuqian in the former residence of Zhang Zizhong Road, Dongcheng District 5. In 1949, Ouyang Yuqian from Hong Kong back to Beijing, in November the same year, the family moved to the hospital. Guo, Tian Han and Cao Yu, Lao She, and so often in this meeting. Ouyang Yuqian (1889-1962), originally named Ouyang Li Yuan, No. Jie, even the name Sheng, Lan-off, no doubt Peach Um, Liuyang, Hunan, theater artists, theater educator, one of the founders of Chinese drama, a former president of the Chinese Academy of Drama. In 1986 this house in Dongcheng District as a key cultural relics protection.

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