Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cai E's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cai E's former home in Xicheng District of cotton alley 66. Before and after the House of Representatives, by the corridors linked to the housing. Is essential to maintain the old concept. Cai E in the Republic of China in 2 years to 4 years (November 1913 -1915 in November) this Yu. Cai E (1882-1916), formerly known as Gen-yin Songpa word. Shaoyang, Hunan, protect the country and head movement. In 1911, 19 town REN Yunnan Society Association 37 Commission, in response to the Revolution Wuchang Uprising, the establishment of the "Han Yunnan Dudu Fu", and the captaincy general. Yuan Shikai was placed under house arrest in 1915 left Beijing on December 25 in Kunming, Yunnan Yunnan declare independence, Yuan Shikai review. Hu Guojun set, he served as the first Commander-in-Chief, Sichuan warlord office in 1916, died in November.

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