Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tai Miao old trees - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Cultural Palace of the working people, is the Ming and Qing dynasties of the Royal Tai Miao, where towering old trees, with the largest group of old trees in the garden. In order to protect these "national treasure", a few days ago, the Beijing Municipal Labor and the People's Cultural Palace Beijing Urban Construction Company of the four trees more than 570 "sick" for the old rule Protection. Working people's culture palace more than 570 old trees have been part of the branch-cracks, as a result of individual soaking rain rot appears, some of the old trees as a result of lack of lucrative posts support the growth of the health impact of the Beijing Municipal People's Cultural Palace labor problems, to take immediate action to be protected. Now Beijing People's Cultural Palace in the park move Yi Keke old healthy growth, Climb.

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