Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Youth Lake Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Youth Lake Park is located in Dongcheng District of Beijing Andingmen road outside the West, then as a result of Dongcheng District government, Communist Youth League launched the region's young members to carry out voluntary labor, so named develop into a lake. Park, beautiful scenery and Zicheng style. Bobi a lake of water, shade trees in the park, a resort Shuo Park, Park Yi, Baochun , Xuan Lan-sheng, and other characteristics of different areas, is to visit, open a good place. The blue-Sheng Xuan tea with tea as well as major performances, "Blue wins seven-hing," folk music performances. Park, recreation facilities and diverse varieties, bud entertainment palace for the Office of Kara OK and a variety of song and dance entertainment facilities, park-wide there are pirates And air planes, bumper cars, car batteries, electric trains and a variety of small toys, children's playground and free of charge; summer there is a large water sports and entertainment facilities - water world; a cruise on the lake, launches, fishing and other activities, and their water-ling The Blue Wave wins Xuan Tea can be Tim inn Yaqu; winter ice-skating, special activities Dongdiao Fun. Open water, building new, fresh and green young Lake Park with its unique landscape of the times to meet the new image of the visitors eight points of the compass.

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