Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wangfujing Commercial Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wangfujing Street, located downtown on the north side of Chang An Avenue East. It has a long history, first formed in the Yuan Dynasty, 700 years ago. In the mid-Ming Dynasty, this first appeared in the streets of the commercial activities. In the Qing Dynasty, the streets have to build eight Palace and the Princess House, then hit The Palace for a drink of sweet water. The only known as Wangfujing Street. Guangxu to 29 years, Dong formed to start commercial Wangfujing Street, Beijing has become one of the four major commercial areas. Now the air is full of modern, high-quality, high standards of the International Center for Commercial Street France and the Champs-Elysees became friendly sister Street, its international status has risen. Department Store, foreign language bookstores, Dan Yao Building, the U.S. House, the women's Palace department store, the Muslim building, with the market Xindong An Fu Sheng Xi, and with the rise, Dong Laishun, Quanjude, quadruple hair Hundred pharmacies constitute the full 810 meters of gas are modern malls. Cuoluoyouzhi, a unique decoration store, come together hundreds of domestic firms and overseas brands. Shopping, so lifelike sculpture that has a 700-year-old Street re-call of youth, so that every day 500,000 Gathered here, eager to see her fascinating charm.

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