Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Church of Our Lady of Sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Church of Our Lady at the site of the lake with young people outside the Andingmen Dongbei Yu, was the Russian Orthodox Church of Our Lady Church and the Russian nationals cemetery. "Church of Our Lady," was built in 1918 before and after the ride east of the West, the Hall-widest point of about 16m, into the deep, about 27m. Halls at the "holy" and "St. caused by" two parts. Set up by the middle of the throne, one side of the meter-high platform on the Eucharist home, Po box; a north-eastern corner of the altar. St. located on both sides of the wooden door every saint for the time out to pray. Church of Our Lady in the basement there is a parking place Lingshu. West Hall for the Russian cemetery. Church of Our Lady sit east of the West, for the construction of a cross. A semi-circular arch-top fort, with the cross. Church-widest point about 16 meters into the Deep pass about 27 meters, was the first half of semi-circular, the central north-south on each side of a semi-circular door. Church of Our Lady and the cemetery built at the same time. House demolition north in 1957, would have been fatal Church (see St. Nicholas Church Under the coffin, Gaizang Russian nationals in the cemetery. In 1987, the Dongcheng District in the lake built-in youth Qingnian Gong, the Church of Our Lady will be dismantled.

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