Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beijing Ancient Coin Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

East Second Ring Road in Beijing, a towering stand of old buildings - Deshengmen Jian Lou, the Beijing Ancient Coin Museum of the Jianlou located in the next. October 1993 completion and opening. Beijing Ancient Coin Exhibition Hall from Deshengmen Zhenwu Miao and Jian Lou made up of two parts, is to demonstrate a coin The main purpose of the museum's theme, for the main collection, exhibition and national money transactions. Deshengmen Mingzheng Tong Jian Lou, founded in the early years of the Ming and Qing Dynasties was 9 capital city defense building one of the more than 500 years ago have been history. Huiqianglvwa tower, 31.9 m-high, brick After the floor before the building, four from top to bottom, Arrow has 82 windows. Liang building, columns, Fang, the first arch decorated with painted. Upstairs on display all year round, "Beijing City Wall Shing Mun Chin." Ancient Coin Museum in the rehabilitation of Zhenwu Miao Qing Dynasty, the exhibition "China's monetary history series," Here I learned that you can Ancient coins, and a large variety in the shape of a knife-shaped, square, round, the texture of gold, silver, copper, pottery, paper; but every coin has a small clot in a deep rich culture, reflects the prevailing social life And political change, every time the currency impact of all changes in the course of history. Museum Museum self-coin, the display of the first beta of the coins, cloth currency, money grimace, ancient coins, Yinpiao of the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China's currency notes and so on. The library has become the coin enthusiasts exchange of research and collection of places, people know the capital is the coin of knowledge, set to participate in the activities of currency window.

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