Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Zhi Hua Si - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Hua Si-chi museum cultural exchange, is a Buddhist Monastery, located in Dongcheng District of Beijing Lu rice alley on the 5th. Mingzheng Tong was founded in 2008 (1443 AD), Wang is a eunuch "private residence homes," and personally presided over the construction. The whole temple is small, but significant characteristics, slim, sleek, solemn Wah. Solemn Blair and glazed tile roof of the building, clean elegance of the decorative paintings, exquisite ancient Buddhist art, as well as the continuous transmission of music in Beijing, are rare treasure our heritage and history of high academic and artistic value. From the point of view the appearance of Hua Si-chi is a little ordinary, hidden in a capital Small alley, not the Mountain Gate, a big slice of the road below, in addition to the two stone lions spirit still is no outstanding. However, to enter the Mountain Gate, open immediately in front, where blocks and blocks of the courtyard of the palace with a distinctive, very spirit temple. Zhi Hua Si Ming Zhengtong founded in 2008 (144 ), Beijing and other temples difference is that the main building are black glazed tile roof, this is the lesser of all evils yield meaning. The whole temple layout of the rigorous, large-scale, Beijing is to preserve the integrity of the Ming Dynasty wooden buildings. Zhi Hua Si Foge million overseas famous because of that top-ko The United States absolutely Phoebe caisson. This caisson by wind for hundreds of years has not been damaged, but in the twentieth century, the temple monks in the 1930s by selling to the Americans, the collection is now in the United States of Kansas, Nelson Museum, only to see it in the temple of the photos . Terauchi the possession of many products, such as the Temple of Moses Wall in possession of Buddha as saying the murals in the Ming Dynasty and Beijing's oldest runner in possession. The lithography to the Yongzheng Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty in the years-long version of the Tripitaka, China is the only existing version of the Tripitaka, the world's only two big Chinese version of the Tripitaka, as a result of extremely valuable, in general it is difficult to see visitors The. Zhi Hua Si no one, that is, "Hua Si-chi music", has been more than 500 years of history, music and God Temple in Xi'an, Kaifeng Temple with great music, Huang Temple Mount in Southern Fujian and the sound of music and said the five kinds of classical music, Music known as the "intangible heritage", "unearthed records" and "living fossil" Zhi Hua Si closed-door approach taken by the music legend, teacher and student, has spread to the 28th generation. Zhi Hua Si, although located in the downtown, but deep in the depths of the alley, very few visitors, very quiet. Dianqian walk in, the group can be seen along with the pigeons Geshao pleasant from time to time over the sky. If, on the Long Star Night, Yan Xia sitting alone, listening to a Tianlaizhiyin such as the Ancient Buddhist, it is fascinating how the state. Xingzhi tips: 1, transportation: Zhi Hua Si Chen Dongcheng District in Beijing Hutong rice on the 5th. I stand by Beijing by 24 lu bus to stop rice, or Beijing West Railway Station to Beijing subway or bus station to change the way 24. 2, opening hours: Monday closed at other times open; 3, tickets: 5 yuan.

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