Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Education-Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Teach-in Temple in North Dongzhimen street alley sewing on the 19th. Covers an area of more than 2500 square meters. Was built in the Ming Dynasty eunuch, when the Qing into nunneries, changed its name to "teach-Buddhist temple." In 1942, from Fujian Province to Beijing to open Niseng Hui, Yu-sheng two of the temple abbot, the Monastery was expanded and changed its name to "teach-Temple" Temple-teaching in the renovation work, the Mountain Gate 3, the temple for the western end of Main Hall, on the second floor of a two-tier North-South 40, North Building after Liu Qingtai 3, North wing, Garan for the West Hall, in the middle for 5 Zhaitang, 000 To view the five-tang, 7 South side hall in a palace in the middle for 3 Buddhist Church, Patriarch of the West as a Hall of East for the first 3 Liaofang. In 1943, Sheng Yu has set up eight public Nepalese King Academy, Temple-taught as a close convergence of the property to build places of the Bookstore, early in 1981, re-repair.

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